Requirements for refractories for blast furnace with refractory materials for blast furnace

March 07, 2018

Now many varieties of refractories for blast furnace, and is widely used. With the progress of the industry, now the blast furnace refractories used for a long time, a new type, efficient. Due to some characteristics of the furnace itself, need refractories have higher requirements, Now let the blast furnace use refractory materials and introduce the requirements for refractory materials used in blast furnace


1. Good performance at high temperature and good thermal stability under long term high temperature.

2, The high strength at normal temperature and high temperature, and the better wear resistance.

3. High density, good thermal conductivity, low apparent porosity and small shrinkage at high temperature.

4, it can resist the violent scour and erosion of molten iron, slag, blast furnace gas and dust under high temperature and high pressure.

5. The shape of the refractory brick is accurate, and it can ensure that the brick seam meets the required requirements.

The above is the refractory material requirements for blast furnace refractories manufacturers, we can simply learn to understand, if you want to learn with other related information of blast furnace refractories, Henan DAZZ Thermal Technology Co., Ltd. can be consulted. Tel: +86 13938282588/+86 371-55016260

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