Henan ZhongZhou introduced the production process of refractory materials

March 08, 2018

The use of refractory materials in industrial production, metallurgical industry and other industries are widely used, the specific application in the chemical, petroleum, chemical, power and other industrial fields. It is classified according to the different degree of refractory and the making of the shape and size of materials chemistry, these aspects of different manufacturing methods. The classification of refractories is very clear the production process, these different refractory materials are different.

Because of the different density and shape of the refractory products, there are different production processes, such as sintering, melting and casting. Here we introduce the way of sintering. First, the raw materials are pre burnt and mature, then broken and screened, and then mixed with raw materials according to a certain proportion. After molding, drying and firing of raw materials,  calcining to product firing shrinkage. It is used to ensure the accuracy of the size of the shape. Of course, careful screening but also in the process of material crushing and grinding, because the blank were graded by the powder of different particle size, can guarantee the most compact and dense body.

Here is a production process of refractory materials is introduced, and many other production process, the use of different materials in refractory materials used in silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide brick, nitrides, borides, silicides, sulfide, fettling, ramming material, casting material, plastic material, refractory clay, spray feeding, cast material, coating all applicable. With Zhongzhou Henan refractories production technology, excellent quality, welcome you to buy.

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