Different uses of refractories for different blast furnaces

March 08, 2018

With the development of refractories for blast furnace, the refractory materials are more and more, in order to meet different customer needs, material division condition is various, according to the different degree of refractory distinction, according to the chemical properties of refractory material to distinguish, facing many kinds of refractory materials, how to choose the most suitable materials, has become a big problem in front of the customer.


The refractories can be divided into three kinds of refractory materials. With the improvement of the fire resistance, the refractories are different. Refractory materials can be divided into ordinary refractory materials (1580 to 1770 DEG C), advanced refractories (1770 to 2000 DEG C) and special refractories (more than 2000 DEG C), pH can be divided into different refractory materials, refractory materials, and basic refractories, refractory material has good thermal shock resistance, resistance corrosion of acid slag, alkaline material corresponding corrosion resistance to slag reduction. Facing the different uses of the blast furnace, determines the choice of different refractories for blast furnace, if the choice of materials and use of discord, will produce a series of conflicts, produced a series of problems, choosing the most suitable refractory material will produce twice the result with half the effort. Of course There are various kinds of materials, and the nature of the material is all kinds. If you want to know more detailed information, please call the hotline and look forward to working with you.

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