Development trend of refractory industry

March 07, 2018

In the future, refractory raw materials will be mainly high purity, natural selection and artificial synthesis and use. The development and utilization of "three stone" original andalusite, sillimanite, kyanite raw material, aluminum silicate can improve the microstructure and thermodynamic properties of refractory materials. The phase transition of "three stone" at high temperature is mullite, and the expansion coefficient of mullite is small, which is beneficial to improve the thermal shock resistance of the material.

Adding Andalusite in the material to form a phase-change thermal stress diffusion of many small gaps, the stress of refractory material in release, so as to improve the thermal shock resistance. But the temperature of the sillimanite is high, which is beneficial to improve the creep resistance of the sillimanite. In addition, the volume expansion effect associated with mullite is also beneficial to high temperature resistance to creep.

The development of high-quality synthetic refractory raw materials, natural materials in developed countries use in reducing the amount, and high purity synthetic raw material amount increasing, the reason is the extensive use of raw materials for the synthesis of the unshaped refractory material increase in the proportion, and the slather of natural raw materials of fireclay brick, high alumina brick, zircon brick production on the decrease. In addition, because of the higher requirements for the longer life of refractory materials, the high purity synthetic materials which can meet this requirement should be used in a large amount.

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